Canoe Trip
Oregon, IL
August 2, 2014

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Shortly after starting out, once we got in calmer water the cameras came out.  Alex wasn't texting, she was taking pictures!

The Molenhouse crew coming alongside.

Somehow Chris got out of paddling.

Nick enjoying his workout.

Canoe selfie!

Chris' view.

Canoe Trip YouTube

Hey Michelle!

Pose for the camera...

Bald eagle sighting!

We had to turn around and paddle against the current to get better pictures.

Some of the limestone cliffs.

Bald Eagle YouTube

They survived!

And he can still lift his arms!

We survived too!

Are these pictures called "#footies"?  She gets one every time!

The landing area at Castle Rock State Park.

Nick and Alex walking the river bank.

Alex said this was the best part of the trip.

Nick and Alex....and a great photobomb by Gary!

Gary skipping rocks.

After eating lunch we went to see the Chief Blackhawk statue.

Alex and Nick

The view from the statue overlooking the Rock River.

Skipping rocks YouTube

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