Wisconsin Dells Trip
August 3-5, 2008

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Nick and Alex playing on the rocks in the Wilderness lobby.

Excited to be riding the Wisconsin Ducks!

A view of the reduced water levels since Lake Delton drained.


This was the year that flooding caused the dam to breach draining Lake Delton. Here the construction is starting on the new dam.

Another Duck

The Hawk's Bill rock formation.

Preparing to return to land.

Deer in the woods.

About to plunge into the Wisconsin River.

Chris & Gary

One of the jet boats about to pass us.

Into the ravines.

Nick concentrating on the view ahead.

The pine forest.

Alex relaxing at the Wilderness.

Nick & Alex meet Monty the Moose

The Molenhouse Family

Nick, Alex, & Michelle on the lazy river.

Chris & Gary on the lazy river.

Gary, Michelle, & Alex in the wave pool.

Trying to hand on tight!

Heading back out into the waves.

Alex & Nick in the shallow end.

Alex preparing for the water bucket dump.

Is she in there? Not likely! She ran before it happened.

There she is.

An empty Lake Delton.

You can see a boat dock.

It is hard to see the original waterline since a lot of the lake bottom has now grown over with weeds.

More boat docks.

This is a boat ramp.

Those are the Tommy Bartlett water ski ramps!

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